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IMG_4573 (1)Jackie Mock, Paint collected from Various New York City Subway Stations, 2013 @ the Spring/Break Art Show. artist website here. 
nam june paikNam June Paik, Video Chandelier X, 1990 @ James Cohen Gallery.
IMG_0150Gerhard Richter, 11-Scheiben (11-Panes) (886-3), 2003 @ High Museum of Art in Atlanta. 
IMG_4418Janet Cardiff, The Forty Part Motet, 2001 @ the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. 
yossi miloAssaf Shaham, installation view of Division of the Vision @ Yossi Milo Gallery. 
photoshowclose up of photographs from Social Photography IV, a collection of cell phone photographs @ Carriage Trade
phillip stearnsPhillip Stearns, Fragmented Memory, 2013 @ Onishi Gallery with Partner, NYFA. 
ps1Samara Golden, The Flat Side of the Knife, 2015 @ MoMA PS1.
IMG_0144Chris Olfili, Installation view of Night and Day @ New Museum.
also this.


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Joseph Gordan Levitt

Yes, We’re Sinking: A Post-It Remix by HITrecord.


Cindy Sherman on the cover of Garage, Spring/Summer 2013. Source. allen highline
Allen Rupersberg, You & Me 2013 @ the Highline till Feb. 28. Source. 

Mel Bochner

Mel Bochner, Quotation Piece: There is a Labyrinth 1971 Artist Website Here. 


Carlos Amorales, Black Clouds 2012 @ El Paso Art Museum,  but currently on view at Phoenix Art Museum. 

Number 67 on this list of 100 museums to visit before you die. tumblr_mhrzjzjNTQ1qbaxzvo1_500source.



lovely cat eye vintage glasses. Purchase. 


Mark Hartman, Untitled 2012. Artist Website Here. Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono, Graperfruit 196

& the best super bowl ad goes too..(not only incredible photography but a beautiful message minus the whole buy our truck thing.) Read about it HERE.

cut me to pieces

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During my last trip to the Met I became entranced by this optical reflective piece by Anish Kapoor. (As did everyone else in the room, there was literally a line to stand in front of it, hence no photographs of the entire thing) Standing from far away, the reflection was reversed, similar to looking into a spoon but once you are standing directly in front of it you are divided into hundreds of fragments, an effect I like to call Fly Face. It was disorienting, silly and endlessly interesting.

Megans reflection in Anish Kapoor, Untitled 2007

Me and Megan in Anish Kapoor, Untitled 2007

Anish Kapoor, Untitled 2007 (image credit:  the

also a youtube video I found of the piece. It gives you a peek of the textural qualities up-close.

It is currently on view at the Met, located at the entrance into the Modern and Contemporary Galleries. 

*On a completely different note. Today I did my first guest blog post over on Irez Therefore I am, A Virtual Salon about Art, Culture Activism & Identity. I will be doing a couple postings over there a month from now on and I am really excited about the opportunity to become a part of this community. Read my first post HERE. 

all this and nothing

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been quite a busy girl, traveling and getting all packed and ready for the big move to NYC tomorrow (!!!) Here is some of the art I’ve seen this week. 

Sui Jianguo, Jurassic Age 2006 @ Phoenix Art Museum

Stephen Marc, Untitled from Passage on the Underground Railroads 2006-2009  @ Phoenix Art Museum

Peter Sarkisian, Book 1 2012 @ SMoCA

watch this piece here!

James Turrell, Knight Rise  @ SMoCA

Keith Haring, Untitled part of Phoenix Art Museum’s Paper!

Rebecca Campbell, Jack and Diane 2004 @ Phoenix Art Museum 

Margaret Cabrera, The Craft of Resistance 2008 @ El Paso Art Museum

blur together

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this week in... Instagram

1. I went night swimming 2. I scanned & edited a ton 3. I had a 4th of july twin 4. I worked my last shift as a waitress (hopefully ever!) 5. I leant some of my favorite wall art out to my friends for the next year 6. & 7.  I hired movers and paid them with my bruddah buddha 8. I marveled at some trinkets 9. &  I realized no matter where I am, I feel safest surrounded by so many friends. {find me on instagram, username – thedreambeing}

this week in… Links

I was proud the Fort Worth Modern, made this list of top beautiful museums. I liked Thomas Prior’s Firework Photographs here. I read this article on the many woes of Christo and Jean Claude’s ambitious and potentially harmful, Colorado Project, Over the River here. I learned that Hemingway’s Farewell to Arms had many alternative endings here. I liked the Walker Art Center’s Closed Mondays Photo series here.  I am more excited to see Richard Avedon’s Murals & Portraits at Gagosian next week after reading this. 

& finally, I really want to see HBO’s documentary on Marina Abramovic’s The Artist is Present


first in quality around the world

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I just finished reading Sarah Thornton’s Seven Days in the Art World.  Although I loved every chapter, the Studio Visit was a stand-out for me as she chose to highlight a visit to the studio of world famous Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami during his final preparations for his first major retrospective, © MURAKAMI. I saw this exhibition (which was more like an experience ) when it was at the Brooklyn Museum in 2008 and as my first, real encounter with the fantastical demented Disney-like world of Murakami, I was uncontrollably inspired.

That chapter just had me reminiscing and so I thought I’d share this music video animated by Murakami that I saw on view with the exhibition. I really never thought I’d see the day when Kanye infiltrated  the art museum..

AND in case you were wondering, this room of maniacal smiling superflat flowers was my favorite part of the entire exhibition. While I was roaming this gallery one of the guards quietly pointed out to me, that upon spending countless hours already with these deranged and maddening ecstatic grins,  he has found that there are in fact, only  five flowers that are crying.

I don’t know what I like more, the lonely guard’s enlightened observation or the bright captivation of that room.