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Arnold Newman’s portraits of the most loved and known artists of the 20th century, caught my eye at Howard Greenberg Gallery‘s booth at The Art Show
Visit Arnold Newman’s artist website here. Louise_Nevelson,_New_York,_NY,_1972
Arnold Newman, Louise Nevelson, New York, NY 1972.
Donald_Judd,_New_York,_NY,_1973Arnold Newman, Donald Judd, New York, NY 1973.
Claes_Oldenburg,_New_York,_NY,_1967Arnold Newman, Claes Oldenburg, New York, NY 1967.
I.M._Pei,_New_York,_NY,_1967Arnold Newman, I.M. Pei
Marcel_Duchamp,_New_York,_NY,_1966Arnold Newman, Marcel Duchamp, New York, NY 1966
Ansel_Adams,_1975Arnold Newman, Ansel Adams 1975. 
Henri_Cartier-Bresson,_New_York,_NY,_1947Arnold Newman, Henri-Cartier Bresson, New York, NY 1947. 
Salvador_Dali,_New_York,_NY,_1951Arnold Newman, Salvador Dali, New York, NY 1951.
Spent the past week strategically catching as many of the art fairs and art happenings around NYC. Through the nearly constant side-stepping to dodge being an extra in someone’s art selfie or instagram post, I can’t help but wonder how many of the artists that fill the booths today will actually make it into the history courses and how many are leftover having their moment now that is just as fleeting as the flash on the camera that comes between today’s viewer and any true experience with art.

no more, no more.

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Like most people in the artworld, I spent the past week marathoning through all the art fairs in New York. It was exhausting. Here is some of what I saw (I apologize for the lack of titles.. I was on sensory overload.)armory

Tobias Bernstrup, Hope 2012 @ Armory.


Helen Frankenthaler opening @ GagosianIMG_4892

Rachel Rossin, Holy See 2013 @ the Spring Break Art FairIMG_4908

Rooftop lounge @ Independent Art FairIMG_4910

Cat Sculpture @ Volta Art Fair

Jung Lee @ ArmoryIMG_4919

work by Mark Jenkins @ Volta (Artist Website Here)IMG_4925

Airan Kang @ Armory. IMG_4961

David Kramer @ Armory. IMG_4971

Jonathan Marshall, Every was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt (For Kurt Vonnegut) 2012-2013 @ armory.IMG_4972

Peter Liverside, Etc, 2011IMG_4973

Fred Wilson @ Armory. IMG_4974

Scott Reeder @ Armory. IMG_4975

Self Portrait through Chiho Akama mirror @ VoltaIMG_4976

Barbara Kruger @ ArmoryIMG_4941

Justin Lieberman, Photo Cameras @ Armory.armory 2

Day’s End Lounge @ Armory.