I started thedreambeing.com in 2010 as a way to deal with that crisis every artist encounters when leaving Art School; the fear that you might never exist in a physical space that forces you to confront art on a daily basis again. Though not tangible, it has evolved into this expansive and surprisingly personal, archive chronicling what I’ve seen, learned, been inspired by, or interested in. It’s become a collection of artists and ideas, following me from city to city, exploring art scenes and museums.
 On April 1, 2015, thedreambeing.com will begin functioning solely as an archive of the site. Thank you to all of those who continuously landed here for a dose of art and photography.
– Jacquedonaldson.com

16 thoughts on “about

  1. great pics, i for me as a hobby photographer, even though i majored in photography at wayne state univeristy in detroit back in 1990/1991, than got deployed to desert shield/storm, enjoy your works. thank you.

      1. your welcome, may your brother be safe and a speedy journey home. be happy to email some to you…

      2. your welcome, may your brother have a speedy journey home, safe and sound. look at operation gratitude, they can send him a care package.

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