Art, Photography

I think these video works by Arizona-based artist, Malena Barnhart are really interesting. Also be sure to look at her series Family Album over on her website.

Makeup Tutorials, 2013.

“This video pairs found YouTube clips of tweens alongside reenactments. Each tween has an older adult woman performing a verbatim reenactment of her YouTube plea. The tweens and women have never met, yet they are connected.”  [excerpt from her website] – read more about this work Here. 

Malena Barnhart, Christmas Haul #2 Hair Straighteners 2013.

“In this piece, found Youtube footage of men insulting and trying to sexually intimidate their phones, exists alongside staged shots of a woman unsuccessfully attempting to forge a female friendship with hers.” – Read more about this work here. 

Artist Website Here. 

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