so backwards, so backwards.

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well, I hate to say it but this is my last month living in New York City.  As a way to say thank you and so long to this magical city,  I have decided to try and capture a part of it each day. I will show these photographs once a week here. It feels so strange to be leaving this place where I knew I would always belong, long before I ever met it. But that’s life.. it moves on, whether you’re ready for it or not.  So time to get ready for the next great adventure..



devoid of life

Where the light shone

This love is backwards

 To know another is to know a universe of others, and as I smolder here alone the words could not leave my fingertips fast enough. Sometimes a soul must wander to truly know it is home.- Andrew McMahon

6 thoughts on “so backwards, so backwards.

    1. Thank you! That is this dangly paper hanging banner that is at this comedy show I go to every week.. I’ve always been wanting to photograph it but could never figure out the right way to frame it!

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