bound, I can’t tell.

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Todays case of the mean reds resulted in searching for inspiration in an unusual place (my own blog).. A lot has changed in the last two years and my postings from this time 2011, sure do make me realize how lucky I am to be here in New York City still looking, learning & dreaming.
here are some posts I brought out from the archives. 

shapeimage_1Peter Bugg, Mashup: Brangelina and Robert Penn Warren 2009
from April 27, 2011 post Here.  /// a work I included in my first hypothetical exhibition for grad school this month. 

penelope-umbrico-suns-from-sunsetsPenelope Umbrico, Suns (From Sunsets) from Flickr, 2006-ongoing
from June 8, 2011 post Here. /// currently writing about this piece in my thesis.

Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 7.03.04 PM
quote by Leann Carter found at LostatEminor.
from July 30, 2011 post here. /// still resonates.

jr_insideoutimg_03901JR Inside Out Project.
from June 28, 2011 post Here. /// finally saw three installation’s of project this year.

Tommy Petroni, Youth 2011.
from July 26, 2011 post Here. /// still makes me want to go out and be recklessly alive.


franken-foot1 waiting-room



and finally [above & below], my Lately post from May 23, 2011. See more here.
/// days spent hanging  on the stoop of my college photo building, final critiques, biking to yoga and breaking toes. 




[be your own inspiration.] 

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