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Today was quite the day. I started @ Chelsea Market, celebrated a friend’s birthday @ Grey Dog (amazing sandwiches) then wandered the streets of Chelsea hitting up the galleries that braved the summer crowds and are actually open. (There aren’t many). It was an adventurous day full of laughter, art &  blazing heat, trust me there’s no buildings out there in Chelsea to block that relentless sun. Here is what I found.

Julius Popp, Bit Fall 2006 @ eyebeam on 23rd st.
Kiki Smith, Milky Way 2011 at Anton Kern Gallery on 20th street.

Rodney Graham, Welsh Oaks #2 1998 David Zwirner Gallery on 19th st.

Nobuo Sekine, Phase of Nothingness, Water 2012 at Gladstone Gallery on 21st st.

Nobuo Sekine, Phase of Nothingness, Water 2012 at Gladstone Gallery on 21st st.

Mason Williams, Bus 1967, at David Zwirner Gallery on 19th st.

Arne Quinze, Chaos Life 2012 at Vicky David Gallery on 23rd st.

Jiro Takamutsu, Light and Shadow 1973/2012 at Gladstone Gallery on 21st st.

Graffiti tree that made me smile

Space Invader Graffiti in Chelsea on 23rd st.

4 thoughts on “pish posh

  1. i like your pictures from your walks…the outside artwork…it is amazing what ones sees when wondering the streets…enjoy your weekend. and happy b-lated bday to your friend.

  2. omg, next time when I’m in nyc, can i tag along? I was just there this past week, and hit Chelsea market twice (foodie here) and i am in love with High Line. Gosh I miss New York already

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